Sunday, January 08, 2012

Youtube to the rescue!

I have this old yellow Kitchenaid blender that has been sitting in the cabinet collecting dust for the past year or so after the rubber coupler that mates the motor base with the pitcher's blade impeller melted when I left hot soup in the pitcher for too long. It was so frustrating to have this appliance with working motor useless from a melted piece of rubber - what a piece of garbage! I tried some ridiculous jerry rigs, tried to remove the part, googled "busted blender", and eventually just stuck the thing in a cabinet disgusted.

Anyway, happy ending, yesterday I was thinking again about the damn blender after watching America's Test Kitchen make some awesome gazpacho - trying to figure out how I could puree without a food processor or blender, when I decided to google "kitchenaid blender coupler" - something like that, and discovered a community of pissed off blender owners and their relief at discovering how to repair the busted rubber coupling! This YouTube video shows how to remove the part, and Amazon sells a replacement.

I'm waiting for my new coupler to arrive in the mail. I can't wait to give the repaired blender a try. It's like I'm getting a new blender for Christmas! I'll probably wind up blending my hand off or something like that now ... blood smoothie!

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Anonymous said...

I did the same thing, left hot soup in the pitcher. I was mad because I actually use my blender a lot. I just went online and googled KitchenAid Blender Parts and just replaced the part and it works perfectly now. Good luck with your repaired blender and try to stay away from the blood smoothies.