Friday, July 03, 2009

Just read a good NYTimes article about China's investment in green power. China established green energy regulations two years ago stricter than the rules the United States Congress can't agree on today. Articles like this one show how we (the U.S.) don't compare well with China in energy policy where investments and sacrifices today can pay large dividends in the future. We have begun to address structural problems like financial regulation, health care costs, green house gas regulation, and energy policy, but from Wall Street to the A.M.A. to health insurance providers to oil companies to the average Joe eating a hamburger in his SUV driving to an air conditioned McMansion we're not quite ready to radically change the way we do business. We are slowly changing though - forced by the financial crisis and crisis to come (health care, global warming, etc.). It may make sense to stick with a system that has worked for years until disaster forces change, and at least we don't sell poison baby milk.