Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simple Session Scope with Guice

I've been a big fan of the Guice dependency injection library for a while, but I missed support for session-scoped injection until I figured out a way to achieve the same effect using child injectors. I was inspired by the PicoContainer project that I stumbled upon several months ago. I haven't actually used PicoContainer, but it appears to actually be better thought out than Guice - implementing arbitrary dependency injection scopes and lifecycle management via hierarchies of IOC containers.

I had PicoContainer's hierarchy approach bouncing around in my head when I stumbled up Guice's createChildInjector method - which supports a similar approach to managing object scopes.

Long story short - I introduced the notion of a "SessionModule" that defines session-scoped bindings to littleware's module system in my development repository clone. Littleware's module system also uses OSGi in an unorthodox way to manage the application life cycle. I wish I would have known about PicoContainer earlier - it appears to implement a nice approach for a combined IOC and application life cycle container. At some point I need to take a look at Spring too - to steal ideas if nothing else!

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