Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Success tastes like pizza!

I think I finally have the blogger podcast thing working. To recap - I started by hosting my .mp3 media file with Google docs, and that works great, except Google docs publishes the .mp3 file to a URL that does not include the .mp3 file extension (something like, and iTunes requires that a podcast's enclosure references a URL with a valid media extension (more details here).

So I went looking for some other free place to host my .mp3 files, and found Microsoft's sky drive, which preserves a file's extension in its download URL (ex: Unfortunately, that download URL does not persist - a file's URL changes from day to day.

Finally, I tried Google sites, and (so far) I think that works - with persistent iTunes-friendly URLs like

This picture shows our dog, Moose, guarding a pizza from our other dog, Ponzi - Moose wants it all for himself! One tip for home made pizza - if you don't have a pizza stone, then an upside down iron skillet works too.

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