Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Skydrive lets me down!


I was pretty happy when I was able to setup a blogger based podcast with mp3 files served from Microsoft's sky drive, so I went ahead and linked my blogger template to a copy of Gorbachev's syntax highlighter on sky drive too, but it turns out the freakin' sky-drive URL's do not persist, so neither of those nifty tricks work. I just inlined the syntax highlighter into the blogger template, but I'll have to figure something else out for audio-file hosting. There must be some way to get Google Docs URL's to work with iTunes.

This is from Apple's "Making a Podcast" page:
The URL before the GET-style form values (before the first ?) must end in a media file extension (e.g. mp3). To work around this, the feed provider can alter their URL from this: to this: Notice how it says load.mp3 instead of load.php. It should be possible to accomplish this via various means, such as web server rewrites. iTunes looks at the extension of the path part of the url, i.e. the part before the"?".


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