Saturday, March 05, 2011

fight the tyranny of basil pesto!

I love pesto, but, frickjack that I am, I always assumed pesto was made with basil, and it's hard to get my hands on a big pile of basil without spending a fortune, so I didn't eat pesto much ... until now! I can't remember how I finally got a clue, but I think I was wistfully looking over the ingredients of some pesto jar at the grocery, and I saw spinach instead of basil. A freakin' light bulb lit up above my head (very low watt is all my head can manage), and I realized I no longer had to be a slave to basil - that tyrant!

Anyway, spinach is plentiful this time of year at the grocery, and it makes great pesto. Just mince up the spinach, then blend with olive oil, parmesan, salt, pepper, - pine nuts if you got 'em; toss with pasta ... oh so good!


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