Saturday, March 05, 2011

Chinese breakfast!

It's a rainy day in Auburn. The dogs and I were drenched on our morning walk, and it felt like a good day to cook some breakfast when we got home. Cong you bing (葱油饼 - green onion pancake) is one of the few Chinese dishes I make on a regular basis. Just mix a cup of water with some flour and a little oil and salt to make a dough, split it into 4 parts, roll out, jelly roll with salted diced green onions, stretch out to a pancake, and fry it up. I'm always surprised when something so simple (flour, water, green onions, salt, oil) is so good.


One trick when rolling out the pancake is - don't roll it out much. Pressing too much with a rolling pin on the dough with green onions mixed in squeezes water out of the onions, and the dough turns to mush. Just roll the dough out a little bit with a rolling pin, then pick the bing (pancake) up, and stretch it with your hands - like pizza dough.


The bing is great with a fried egg.

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