Thursday, November 05, 2009

Publish javadoc to Google Code via Mercurial

I like Google code more and more the more I use it ... more. Why don't I have a vocabulary ? Anyway, I also like Mercurial, so combine Mercurial with Google Code and you have chocolate with peanut butter.

Here's how I managed to post javadoc to

  • Clone the wiki mercurial repo:
        $ hg clone littleWiki
  • Copy your javadoc into littleWiki, and add it to the repo
        $ hg add -I 'glob:javadoc/**' 
        $ hg commit
  • Push the patch back up to google code
              hg push

BTW - I just tracked down how to tell blogger not to insert <br /> tags all over my post ( in the HTML editor. What a stupid default!

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