Monday, June 05, 2017

S3+CloudFront+ACM+Route53 = serverless http2 https site with CDN

The other night I logged into the AWS web console, and upgraded my little S3 hosted site at to http2 with TLS - which opens the door for adding a service worker to the site. As a side benefit the site is behind the CloudFront CDN. I also moved the domain's authoritative DNS to Route 53 earlier in the week - just to consolidate that functionality under AWS.

It's ridiculous how easy it was to do this upgrade - I should have done it a while ago:

  • create the Cloud Front network
  • configure the CDN with a certificate setup with the AWS Certificate Manager
  • update DNS for the domain '' to reference the CDN hostname - Route53 supports an 'alias' mechanism that exposes an A record, but you can also just use a CNAME if you have another DNS provider

Anyway - this is fun stuff to play with, and my AWS bill will still be less than $2 a month.

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