Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bumping up to jdk8 and JEE 7

I bumped up littleware's build to pull in JEE7 jars, and also went ahead and setup a jdk8 pre-release runtime, and so far everything works great.

I discovered a while ago when I bumped up to JEE6 that the Java EE dependencies are a little weird. The published JEE jar files are just intended for use at compile time, and only include the EE API definitions - no implementation. The idea is that a user builds his code against the API jars, and deploys to a JEE container that implements the APIs. If a developer instead deploys to an embedded environment like jetty or my fishRunner or just a standalone app that does something like using hybernate for JPA, then it's up to the developer to pull in the necessary implementation jars at runtime.

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