Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6 beeps of death!

My old dell laptop that I bought in December, 2009 has finally reached its pathetic end - the laptop beeps 6 times at boot (video card test failure), then sits there like a lump. It looks like there's no easy fix, so it's time to buy a new laptop. Ugh!

The timing is both good and bad. Good - because my last freelance contract ended a couple weeks ago, so I'm between projects right now, and not having a laptop for a few days forces me to disconnect (or borrow the wife's computer to add to the bLog ...). The timing is bad, because Intel's 4th generation Haswell chips aren't due for release until next week (June 4th) at Computex. Apple's WWDC opens June 10, so I need to wait at least one week to order a Haswell Windows laptop or two weeks for a Haswell Mac.

I still haven't decided exactly how I want to spec out the new box. I know I want at least 8GB RAM and a Core-i5 processor - preferably 4th gen. I'd rather have 128 GB SSD (really 256 GB would be great) than a 556 GB disk, and I prefer an ultrabook (no ethernet, firewire, DVD, whatever - just wireless and ports for USB-3 and display) than a traditional laptop. I think I'd rather have a Mac than Windows this time around - especially since people force Apple to monitor its environment impact and labor conditions in China (I'd be surprised if Lenovo or Asus care about that).

I'd also rather spend $1000 than $1500. I'm not sure if I can satisfy all my constraints! Anyway - I'll wait till next week - hopefully some new systems are released at Computex.

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