Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Writing the Congressman

I got a little fired up about the debt ceiling nonsense, and decided to e-mail my Congressman, Mike Rogers. I always feel so empowered after writing a politician - which is ridiculous, because it has never made a difference.

Hello Congressman!

I'm writing today to complain about your part in the House majority's role in taking the United States to the brink of default. I cannot take your "Cut, Cap, and Balance" bill seriously. It is exactly in times of economic recession that we need the federal government to run a deficit - lowering taxes, bolstering the social safety net, and absorbing the lost revenue from a diminished tax base. Our short term debt increase is a result of the economic downturn and stimulus spending; it is not a result of "out of control" spending. Our long term debt mostly results from the projected increase in medicare spending. I know you understand this, so I find your press announcements disingenuous.

The debt ceiling should be raised as a matter of course, and not used as a gun to the nation's head to push through the minority agenda. Please do your part to ease the debt-ceiling grid lock. It would be great while your at it if you could help restore funding to the FAA, and contribute to the plans to save the postal service from bankruptcy.

Thanks for your service.

Reuben Pasquini

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