Saturday, August 21, 2010 DNS forwarding to Google Sites

Today I finally wired up my domain configuration with GoDaddy to just redirect (via domain forwarding) to pages hosted on Google Sites. I bought the domain a few years ago with the idea that I'd get a static IP address, and run a web server from home with a bLog, code repostiory, and some demonstration littleware web applications.

I actually did run my own server on an old laptop for a while, but I always felt bad leaving my old laptop running in the corner just to host a site no one looked at anyway. I tried to manage my own bLog with XML and XSL, but Blogger and other hosted solutions are free and easy to use. Similarly, I've been very happy letting Google Code host my littleware project.

Anyway, Google Sites gives me an easy way to put back online as the root node of the graph that connects my disembodied web presence across blogger, facebook, google code, and other sites.

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